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Mac Imaana Solution is a Kenya-owned and registered Data Consultancy specializing in Media  Monitoring, Market Research, Analytics and PR.Positioned as a critical tool for decision-making based on extensive fact- finding, co-relative analysis and strategic advisory.

Having operated in Kenya since 2016, Mac Imaana is an indigenous brand that places importance on the political, economic and cultural landscape in an effort to comprehend the market from a local context



We offer insightful customized data to empower, educate and inspire our clients in making decisions that guarantee profitability

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To make Mac Imaana Solution a one stop shop for brand insights and Intelligence across the region.

Our Services

Mac Imaana maintains, monitors and evaluates a database of editorial content from more than 48+ Radio stations, 12+ TV channels and 20+ Newspaper/Magazines throughout the country. We monitor all news coverage on your organization/brand/topics of interest from Radio/TV/Print/Internet based on a selected number of KEYWORDS tailored to fit your needs


Mac Imaana offers a unique advertising compliance service that reconciles your media plan against actual as aired broadcast and as print run adverts. We use both state of the art matching technology and human analysts to harvest, review and verify the data. This ensures that we provide you with the most accurate report of whether or not the media houses have executed what you contracted […]

Below the line

Mac Imaana  Below the line service. Is a product measurement to ascertain prominence of a brand, product or services that are broadcasted through non conventional platforms’ this include roadshows supermarkets among others

Out Of Home

Mac Imaana  OOH service. Is a product  measurement  that follows brands to ascertain visibility, prominence, reach Market share and actual spread of campaign outside our homes. This include billboards, streetlights We also reach out to digital  platforms in our shopping places. We capture and collect and give insights to our clients

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